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Inspire, motivate, learn and grow as an educator. As one of the largest statewide support networks for activity directors, our job is to promote and support student leadership and activities.

In this episode I speak briefly on a new website from Google, www.teachparentstech.org.  A great site that will help anybody - from yourself, to students, to parents, or anyone else who has questions on how to do tech related tasks.

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TEEN TRUTH LIVE: INSIGHT - A TEEN TRUTH Expert shares an innovative exercise that she uses in her classroom to not only teach students about history, but also transform them into strong empowered leaders. If you are an educator that needs a bright idea.... this ideas is for you!  For more info you can visit www.teentruth.net and to learn more at CADA you can go to www.cada1.org.


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Once again we visit with speaker and mentalist Russ Peak as he teaches us a card trick about forced choice.  Super easy to do and very easy to learn, this card trick will have you surprising your students as you read their mind.  We also talk about debriefing on this activity and how to execute a good card trick.  For more info on Russ Peak go to http://www.russpeak.com/ and for more info on CADA go to www.cada1.org.

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TEEN TRUTH: INSIGHT - Listen to a TEEN TRUTH Expert speak about how facebook and myspace have become an increasingly dangerous place for students. She discusses the impact of cyberbullying and how students often anonymously cause huge issues at her school. She finishes her story talking about a young woman who took it upon herself to take a stand and stop the bullying. Hopefully others will start following her lead! Find out more at www.teentruth.net and at www.cada1.org.


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In this episode I talk briefly about how I got my students to follow the class Twitter account via SMS.  Even more surprising, parents are excited about following the class Twitter feed via SMS.  For a cheat sheet of more Twitter codes and SMS go to Twitter Text Commands and learn more.  You can learn more about CADA at www.cada1.org.

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In this episode I take a few moments to sit down with the California Association of Student Leaders (CASL) board president Erin Leonard.  Erin shares some insight into how she became CASL president, the qualities that a good student leader should have and what advisers can do to help support and motivate students.  For more information you can go to www.cada1.org

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INSIGHT - Meet a TEEN TRUTH Expert that speaks about how bullying affects students on so many levels. She offers some simple advice.... Ask questions! She believes the most important thing you can do is just get kids to talk and then to listen to them. For more info check out Teen Truth Net and www.cada1.org


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Tyler Durman talks about one of his favorite topics, story telling.  Tyler references a short workshop he ran at CADA convention that talks about the power, purpose, and affect stories have on our learning.  For more information on Tyler you can go to http://bswisdom.com/ and for more information on CADA you can go to www.cada1.org.

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TEEN TRUTH NET: INSIGHT - Listen to two educators at a middle school in San Diego speak about how they engaged school climate issues and motivated students to create their own bully policy to be enforced on campus.


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TEEN TRUTH NET: INSIGHT - Listen to this TEEN TRUTH expert discuss how he worked to change the culture of his school, virtually ridding it of gang activity and violent issues. True inspiration for any educator that needs insight into how to enhance the culture of their school's campus. 


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