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Inspire, motivate, learn and grow as an educator. As one of the largest statewide support networks for activity directors, our job is to promote and support student leadership and activities.
Episode 11: Superfreak! Freak dancing is a big deal at any school dance you attend. In this episode I speak with Dave Cloutier from Feet First Entertainment about hiring a DJ, which music to play, and what is the best way to deal with all of those freakers. By the way, any suggestions or thoughts please be sure to post on the CADA discussion pages or email me at tech@cada1.org. Be sure to check out our blog too: http://bit.ly/8jerPf
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Episode 10: The Junk Show For the first time ever, CADA goes video with the help of Stu Shaffer. Stu has been presenting this workshop for a long time, almost too many to count, though I have a flyer from one of Stu's first presentations with CADA that goes back over 20 years ago. Stu's Junk Show is a great way to teach kids about rallies: planning, executing, and evaluating. For more info, go to http://www.stushaffer.com/. A bit thanks to Stu and to Difference Makers for allowing us to use a segment of this video. Just a heads up, you will need Quicktime to view the material.
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Episode 9: How full is your plate? In episode 9 we visit with speaker Scott Greenberg.  Scott asks the question, which would you choose, the skateboarder or the ASB president?  The prevailing theory is for our students to be involved in many activities, however, it is often the activities we are most passionate about and put our time into that we will do the best. 
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The Power of Stories In this episode we speak with Tyler Durman, speaker and author, about the power of stories and how educators can use stories to help staff and students understand the role activities play on our campus. In times of economic hardship, we need to remind people of the power of community and how activities builds that community on campuses every day, with every event, and every interaction we have with kids at our schools.
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The First Days of School Now with the correct volume! In this podcast I meet with Phil Boyte, co-founder of Link Crew as well as Breaking Down Walls, his programs have centered around creating a stronger community on school campuses both in the classroom and within the school as a whole. Phil shares with us his ideas for the first few days and what teachers can do to make his/her classroom inviting.
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Hey Scooby, where are you? People are communicating in new and innovative ways: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or texting - and all of these options are starting to dominate the public scene. According to a recent article in Time Magazine, over the past year alone, Twitter has seen its visitors, in the millions, increase 1,298% (about 16 million). With this type of traffic, it is hard to ignore Twitter and other social networking tools as they are becoming valuable resources that we can use in education. In this podcast, I speak with CADA's new Communications Coordinator, Ron Ippolito, about the pro's and con's of social networking, what to expect, how it fits into our CADA standards, and possible ways to permeate it into our school culture. Below are some links that we reference in the podcast. Trouble with Twitter: http://tinyurl.com/bg2cqa Real Life Twitter: http://tinyurl.com/p2xvd9 Time LIfe Article on Twitter, June 2009: http://tinyurl.com/qtvneh
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The Card Game Today's podcast features the talents of Richard Parkhouse. Park is a regular presenter at CADA, education conferences and schools all over the country. Today Park shares with us an activity we call "The Card Game." In this game, kids learn what it is like to be popular vs. unpopular - and in learning this difference - how kids and teachers alike can then work to make a change in the school culture. Whether ending your year and reflecting on your activities or starting your year with a retreat or inservice, this is a great activity to get your kids and staff thinking about their roles and the impact that each of them can have at school. This lesson connects with CADA Standards under Communication (8. Interpersonal Skills); Citizenship (3. Service Learning); and Personal and Social Development (Interpersonal).
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Leadership Creates Opportunity Once again I visit with my mentor and friend Steve Southard.  As we have just passed the day of the teacher and staff appreciation week, this podcast is dedicated to the teachers who create opportunity for students to learn and grow during their time in school.  It is not often that you hear of a student who credits you or someone else at school with changing his or her life, but when you do, it makes this job worth every extra hour we spend at school.  Please enjoy the Bill Guissi story.
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Using your Talents This podcast features the incomparable Russ Peak.  In this episode Russ talks about taking his own talents and hobbies and using them to help make connections with other people to get his message across.  He also shares a great offer on his book for educators looking for some lessons on goal setting and success.  A big thanks to Russ for stopping by during his recent tour of Northern California.
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Skipper Steve and Junior Skipper Matt Set Sail Again Steve Southard, AKA Skipper Steve, talks about an recent activity he did with his class using pipe cleaners. Student creatively express themselves through the use of pipe cleaners as Steve talks to them about respect and understanding as well as looking at where the kids think they need to go as well as what other students might be dealing with at this point in their lives.
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Hitting the Target This podcast is the inaugural adventure of CADA Area A as we strive to offer more professional development opportunities for our members.  In this episode, we talk with experienced teacher and activities director Ron Jones who shares one of his infamous Ten Minute Lessons from his book of the same nameRon presents at the local and state level in California and has been doing so for many years.  This is a great resource for any educator.  Check us out on the web at either Twitter or Facebook under CADA_Area_A, as well as www.cada1.org.  Thanks for listening.
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