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Episode 22: Getting Organized with Online Tools

This week we take a look at three online tools to help you get organized, and even share ideas, online: Google Voice, Evernote, and Delicous (if you click on the names you will be magically whisked away to the websites mentioned). 

CADA's Delicious Page

CADA Website

More CADA Resources

Email Matt: tech@cada1.org

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Episode 21: Downloading Videos from YouTube

I wrote some on the blog, today I get visual.  Learn how to download YouTube videos on Mac and PC so you can use the videos at school.  For more specific directions, go to http://bit.ly/a90Jzc for PC and http://bit.ly/a90Jzc for Mac.

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Episode 20: Tweeting a Twote

In this episode I will dive deep in to the world of Twitter.  I take a look at what I did this past school year and how I plan to use Twitter in the year to come.  Much to discuss and I hope to hear from you on how you are using Twitter at your school.

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