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Inspire, motivate, learn and grow as an educator. As one of the largest statewide support networks for activity directors, our job is to promote and support student leadership and activities.

In this episode I speak briefly on a new website from Google, www.teachparentstech.org.  A great site that will help anybody - from yourself, to students, to parents, or anyone else who has questions on how to do tech related tasks.

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TEEN TRUTH LIVE: INSIGHT - A TEEN TRUTH Expert shares an innovative exercise that she uses in her classroom to not only teach students about history, but also transform them into strong empowered leaders. If you are an educator that needs a bright idea.... this ideas is for you!  For more info you can visit www.teentruth.net and to learn more at CADA you can go to www.cada1.org.


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Once again we visit with speaker and mentalist Russ Peak as he teaches us a card trick about forced choice.  Super easy to do and very easy to learn, this card trick will have you surprising your students as you read their mind.  We also talk about debriefing on this activity and how to execute a good card trick.  For more info on Russ Peak go to http://www.russpeak.com/ and for more info on CADA go to www.cada1.org.

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TEEN TRUTH: INSIGHT - Listen to a TEEN TRUTH Expert speak about how facebook and myspace have become an increasingly dangerous place for students. She discusses the impact of cyberbullying and how students often anonymously cause huge issues at her school. She finishes her story talking about a young woman who took it upon herself to take a stand and stop the bullying. Hopefully others will start following her lead! Find out more at www.teentruth.net and at www.cada1.org.


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In this episode I talk briefly about how I got my students to follow the class Twitter account via SMS.  Even more surprising, parents are excited about following the class Twitter feed via SMS.  For a cheat sheet of more Twitter codes and SMS go to Twitter Text Commands and learn more.  You can learn more about CADA at www.cada1.org.

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In this episode I take a few moments to sit down with the California Association of Student Leaders (CASL) board president Erin Leonard.  Erin shares some insight into how she became CASL president, the qualities that a good student leader should have and what advisers can do to help support and motivate students.  For more information you can go to www.cada1.org

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INSIGHT - Meet a TEEN TRUTH Expert that speaks about how bullying affects students on so many levels. She offers some simple advice.... Ask questions! She believes the most important thing you can do is just get kids to talk and then to listen to them. For more info check out Teen Truth Net and www.cada1.org


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Tyler Durman talks about one of his favorite topics, story telling.  Tyler references a short workshop he ran at CADA convention that talks about the power, purpose, and affect stories have on our learning.  For more information on Tyler you can go to http://bswisdom.com/ and for more information on CADA you can go to www.cada1.org.

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TEEN TRUTH NET: INSIGHT - Listen to two educators at a middle school in San Diego speak about how they engaged school climate issues and motivated students to create their own bully policy to be enforced on campus.


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TEEN TRUTH NET: INSIGHT - Listen to this TEEN TRUTH expert discuss how he worked to change the culture of his school, virtually ridding it of gang activity and violent issues. True inspiration for any educator that needs insight into how to enhance the culture of their school's campus. 


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Seeing is believing, and in this stunt, seeing the outcome is just as important as seeing how it is done.  For more with Russ check out www.russpeak.com.  For more on CADA and the resources we have to offer, check out www.cada1.org.

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As many of us return from school we take a break from tech to speak with Scott Greenberg on helping students overcome their insecurities.  Scott helps break down the tools and resources you need to to help your students focus and accomplish their tasks well.  For more on Scott click on his name, for more on CADA, go to www.cada1.org.  Check us out on Twitter at www.twitter.com/CADALeaders.

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Episode 27: Flash Mob

If you are not sure what a flash mob is, go to YouTube and type in flash mob or even "flash mob Philadelphia Opera Company" for some examples.  You can also go to Wikipedia and read about flash mobs there.  You can find out more about CADA at www.cada1.org.  If you do one of these at your school, please let me know, I'm very excited to see how people incorporate this into their school culture.

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Episode 26: Lip Dub Videos

In this episode I speak with president elect Paul Chylinski as we take a look at the process for making a lip dub video.  We got to practice this summer at CADA Leadership camps II & III.  To see the final product and how much the video process evolved from the two camps, you can check out CADALeaders YouTube channel.  For more info on CADA go to www.cada1.org.

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Episode 25: Dropbox

In this episode we take a look at file storage and sharing large files via our digital cloud using Dropbox.  For more information or resrouces check out www.cada1.org.

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Episode 24: Google Docs

This week we take a look at cloud technology and how Google Docs strives to make your life easier and more organized.  As I mentioned, here is a site to help you create your Google self correcting quizzes.  For more info, go to www.cada1.org.

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Episode 23: Google Calendar

In this podcast I take a few minutes to talk about how I'm getting organized for this school year.  A big shout out to my friend Ron Ippolito who contributed to my ever growing knowledge of Google Apps. 

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Episode 22: Getting Organized with Online Tools

This week we take a look at three online tools to help you get organized, and even share ideas, online: Google Voice, Evernote, and Delicous (if you click on the names you will be magically whisked away to the websites mentioned). 

CADA's Delicious Page

CADA Website

More CADA Resources

Email Matt: tech@cada1.org

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Episode 21: Downloading Videos from YouTube

I wrote some on the blog, today I get visual.  Learn how to download YouTube videos on Mac and PC so you can use the videos at school.  For more specific directions, go to http://bit.ly/a90Jzc for PC and http://bit.ly/a90Jzc for Mac.

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Episode 20: Tweeting a Twote

In this episode I will dive deep in to the world of Twitter.  I take a look at what I did this past school year and how I plan to use Twitter in the year to come.  Much to discuss and I hope to hear from you on how you are using Twitter at your school.

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Episode 19: In the Beginning

Activities Director Shannon Troutman - West High School in Tracy, CA - shares what it is like to be a first year activities director.  She expounds on what she learned as well as advice for any new advisers that might be starting off as a director next year. 

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Episode 18: 60-60

This video podcast is from The Spirit of New Orleans, CADA's most recent state convetion.  In this video you will hear from our panel of experts: Sandi Kurland, Phil Boyte, Bob Vincent, Tyler Durman, Bill Meagher, Peter Cahn, Lyn Fiscus, and Mike Smith as they share with us their knowledge and insight rom their years of experience working with students and advisers. You can view the power point from this presentation by clicking 60-60.  You can also find some of the show notes for a few of our presenters in the links provided.


Bill Meagher:Zen and the Art of Relationship Maintenance for Student Activities Directors

Peter Cahn: Finance and Legal Questions

Lyn Fiscus: ideas for justifying a student activities program - for more information you can go to Lyn's website at http://www.leadershiplogistics.us/


This is a fairly large podcast, I hope you are able to download the video and enjoy.  If you have any problems, please let me know.


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Episode 17: Form in to Spring with Scott Backovich

Formspring to be more exact.  Looking to learn a little more about social networks like Facebook and Formspring, then look no further.  This week I sit down with one of my former basketball players, and current speaker, Scott Backovich.  We talked about utilizing Formspring and Facebook to promote activities programs at your school. For more info you can check out Scott's fan page on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/SpeakerScott.

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Episode 16: CADA Leadership Camps

The folowing is taken from last year's CADA leadership camp at UC Santa Barbara.  The song is "Mr. Rock & Roll" by Amy Macdonald, used with artist permission from the podsafe music network: http://bit.ly/44gpx

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Episode 15: Languaging for Leadership

This week we take a few minutes with the "Original" Mike Smith.  Mike talks speaks with me on the power of language and how changing just a few simple habits an lead to some very positive results.  Mike also created a PPT of his topic which can be found at http://bit.ly/dmPuxl.

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Episode 14: Goal Setting Isn't Funny

Just like the article of the same name in the recent CADA Newsletter, Russ Peak is double trouble as he sits down and speaks to me in a bit more detail about goal setting.  

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Episode 13: Cell Phones in the Classroom

In this episode I talk about some of the lessons I have done using cell phones and give you a few resources that will help you develop lessons of your own to utilize a tool that most kids already have in their pocket. For research, check out http://bit.ly/cqX7PN - From Toy To Tool: Cell Phones in Learning by Liz Kolb, an instructor at the University of Michigan studyinglLearning technologies.  I touch on some of her research as well as Nielsen at http://bit.ly/anIirA.  As always, you can learn more about CADA at www.cada1.org or follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/CADALeaders.  

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Episode 12: The Spirit of New Orleans Take a trip down to The Big Easy and experience the Spirit of New Orleans with CADA president elect Cindy Bader. Cindy has been working hard with scores of others to make this year's CADA convention a memorable and educational experience. Get the inside scoop on programs and events at the convention. We also talk about funding sources to attend convention and Cindy elaborates on why CADA hosts the convention at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno. For more info, go to www.cada1.org and click on "State Convention."
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