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I will start this by saying this podcast is not legal advice, just hours upon hours of research. Every school in the country is dealing with students cell phones, and each district is taking a different approach. In this episode, I try to break down some of the basics to help get you informed about what to expect if you decide to start allowing cell phones on your campus. If over 90% of your students have them, what's to stop you from teaching your students how to use cell phones to be productive citizens in your community? I will have more posted on our blog next week, cadaleaders.wordpress.com. For more informatoin on CADA, check out our site at www.cada1.org.

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In this weeks podcast we go back to tech with a quick app review of Evernote and InClass. You can check out my previous podcast on Evernote here. I spend a majority of my time here talking about InClass, a newer app for iPhone. While teaching teens to be organized is a constant battle, it's getting easier with access to technology. InClass and Evernote are free apps for you or your students to access. 

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TEEN TRUTH: ON THE ROAD - Erahm talks about the true value of having an Activities Director on campus and the biggest Parents presentation turnout in TEEN TRUTH LIVE history. He commends the parents for taking the time out of their day to make a difference in their community. Click on Teen Truth to learn more about their great programs, or to learn more about CADA visit www.cada1.org.

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Our Technology Coordinator, along with the help of speaker Scott Backovich, throw down some online challenges for teachers and students to use the next time you are on the web. For more on CADA, visit http://www.cada1.org.

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