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Inspire, motivate, learn and grow as an educator. As one of the largest statewide support networks for activity directors, our job is to promote and support student leadership and activities.

From set-up to execution, here is a quick shot at how Chino Hills HS puts on a high school pep rally. A big thanks to Janet Roberts and Chino Hills high school for allowing us to visit. For more on CADA, please check out our website

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In this episode we hear from Area F coordinator Kevin Fairman and how he uses binders to help his student reflect as well as pass on valuable tips and information to his new leadership students. For more on CADA, check out our website.

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College is a big deal, but why should Athletes have all the fun? Lauretta Eldridge shares with us her event, a college signing for all seniors on her campus who are accepted. For more on CADA, visit our website

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This week Area A coordinator Suzy Kraczek talks about John Wooden's Pyramid of Success. For this lesson, Suzy will use John Wooden's kids book about the work it takes to reach the top of the pyramid. For more information on CADA, check us out at www.cada1.org.

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Anne Artz, Area G coordinator, shares how she gets her school more involved in student activities by using a SIM (School Involved Matrix). For more great ideas check out our website at www.cada1.org or download another one of our 85 episodes on iTunes or through the leadershipisn'tfunny blog page. 

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In this episode we speak with Rhett Laubuch about his student impact model, a workshop he does with students across the country. Learn what it means for your students to have integrity and earn respect while working with kids on your campus. For more on Rhett you can visit hiswebsite and resources and to learn more about cada you can visit us at www.cada1.org.


Rhett: @yns1

CADA: @cadaleaders

Matt: @matthewsoeth 

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TEEN TRUTH: INSIGHT - A former police officer explains why he thought it was important to become a teacher. Learn more about Teen Truth and learn more about CADA by clickgin on the links. 

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In this episode we speak with Patrick Maurer as he shares one of his favorite activiities that gets kids to set a goal and then inspires them to follow through. You can learn more about Patrick at www.pmaurer.com, and you can learn more about cada at www.cada1.org

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Two years ago CADA was fortuante enough to have the host of Scam School, Mr. Brian Brushwood. I had a chance to sit down with Brian before our keynote where he taught me how to accurately predict the outcome of a game of tic-tac-toe and be correct every single time. Look like a genius mind reading in front of your students! For more on Brian you can check out his site www.shwood.com or his very popular show Scam School on iTunes.  You can learn more about CADA at www.cada1.org

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This presentation was given my CADA's technology coordinator Matt Soeth at the opening session of the 2012 conference. In here he high lights the use of data with types of online communication with some fun activities as well as high lighting some other ways to contact and stay in touch with your students. 

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Speaking with Bob Burton Award Winner Richard Macalindin from Southern Califonria talk abou tnot only why he won the Spirit award for CADA, but how over a three year period he was able to grow his API socres raise 121 points and his school wide attendance increased from 94% to just over 97%. His reason for success: building better relationships with students and creating a place on campus for students and staff to interact outside of the classroom. 

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TEEN TRUTH: INSIGHT - A teacher explains why being a professional all the time provides a positive image for the students. For information on CADA, visit www.cada1.org. 

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With the 2012 Conference at a close, there is still much to do and be said for activities on your campus. However, that doesn't mean we can't have a bit more fun. Check out www.cada1.org for amazing post conference resources. What are some of your favorite sayings? Post in the comments section as we would like to hear them.

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In this episode we speak with President Elect Monica Anderson as she shares some of the secrets and insigth to our upcoming conference in Reno, NV. To dlownload schedules and find out more about CADA visit us at www.cada1.org. 

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CASL president Jamal Edwards takes us through his 3 Step Mojo process as he highlights his method for making changes in his every day life. Keep it simple, focus, and pick the three things you would ilke to change in your life. For more info on CASL check out www.casl1.org and for more info on CADA check www.cada1.org.

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