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Inspire, motivate, learn and grow as an educator. As one of the largest statewide support networks for activity directors, our job is to promote and support student leadership and activities.

Came across this nice activity last year at a national leadership conference with the National Association of Workshop Directors (NAWD) in North Carolina. We used Raccoon Circles this year at the CADA/CASL Summer Leadership camp with staff and students, thought we would share. Thanks to Kim Karr for leading this group, fun was had by all. For more information on CADA check out www.cada1.org. You can also check out NAWD here

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Once again we meet up with Rhett who shares a lesson he uses called Sullivan Ballou. Sullivan was a Civil War soldier whose letter is part of the Ken Burns Civil War Series. Listen to Rhett as he describes kids listening to the letter and describing the characteristics that make people great. This is a very good lesson to get your studnets thinking about the qualities that make a person great. To lear more about Rhett you can click here and to learn more about CADA you can click here

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In this episode we hear from Patrick Maurer who shares his thoughts on Zappos and how their approach to business may be good for your school. For more on Patrick check out www.pmaurer.com and for more on CADA check out www.cada1.org

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In this episode we hear from speaker Harriet Turk who challenges us to ask who we are serving for our community service projects. 

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Most notably visible at leadership conferences and in classrooms, the ellusive blue rhino is an exciting find for any advisor. See how to run and execute this great activity with your students and staff. 

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2012/2013 CASL President Nicole Nordstrom shares what it takes to help your leadership class find their purpose and mission. For more on CADA or CASL check us out at www.cada1.org

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We take a few moments to speak with Janet Roberts and learn all of the exciting things gonig on at this year's CADA convention: From Thought, To Sketch to Masterpiece. We hope to see you in San Diego!

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In this episode we continue with our rally theme and share with you this Stu Shaffer classic, Rubber Face. All you need is a large rubber band (check any office supply store) and some willing participants. Watch, enjoy and let us know if you use this one. For more on CADA, check us out at www.cada1.org

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